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Becoming a photographer was not something I had planned but coincidently enough one day I held a camera and undoubtedly fell in love with how through a lens you had the power to capture precious moments in an instance. What at the beginning seemed like a hobby, became what today is my profession. The more I went out and used my camera the more I realised that its what I wanted to do, the camera became an extension of me, Even today at any family gathering I cannot help but have my camera ready for a shot. Photography is a way of life for me, it is my way of expression. With my lens, I capture and show stories full of emotions.
  Inglés -Espanol
  Fotogrado full time


I have been doing photography for two years, covering from street photography, portraits, engagements and weddings.


Nikon d750
iPhone 7plus
50 mm 1.4 24mm 2.8 80-200 2.8

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